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Collectable Glass & Lamps
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Collectable Glass & Lamps

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Scheller, IL 62883

About us

We are George & Linda Breeze. Authors of Mystries of the Moon & Star a collectors guide for Moon & Star Pattrn Glass.

We have been collecting and dealing in Moon & Star, Collectable Glass and Lamps for over 50 years.

We try to discribe the items as best as we can but evry now and then a small chip or imperfection can get by us. In those cases we try to make it right with our customers.

Air bubbles and straw marks are trates of Pressed Glass so, we do not normally list those in the item discription.

Most of the Classic lamps we sell are built by George from original parts obtained from broken lamps and lamps missing parts like shades or bases.

Some are made from New - Old stock found in the MFG warehouses. Some had been setting for over 40 years.

Many parts came from the L G Wright Glass Company, Fenton Art Glass, and Aladdin Lamp when they closed.

Most of the items we sell are not new and may show some ware from age and use.

We hope you enjoy the site and come back ofter to see what we have added.

Please tell a friend and contact us with any questions or comments.

Thank You

George & Linda Breeze


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