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Fenton Cranbery Opal Hobnail

Fenton Cranbery Opal Hobnail

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Price: $225.00
Product code: FL-0007

In stock: 1

Fenton Made the glass for most of the L G Wright Glass Company Lamps.

This Cranberry Opal Hobnail Lamp is about 20 inches tall. The shade is about 4 inches wide at the Filter. It is about 9 inches wide at the top. The font is about 4 inches wide. The base appears to be a cast Bronze style ..

It can not be seen when installed but the shade at the bottom where it fits in the holder is rough. I am not sure if it from the molding process or cutting.

The shade bottom sets a little un-level but can be leveled by turning it in the holder.

Other wise No cracks or chips.



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